ACT Track League (Association of Cycle Traders)
A.C.T. track league meetings are every Monday at 7:30pm
Monday 3rd September - 10th December 2018

Warmup 7pm. Racing 7:30 - 10:00

No entries on the line. Riders must enter one week in advance.

Maximum of 120 riders for any one meeting.
All meetings open to youths, women, 3/4 cat juniors, 2/3/4 cat veterans and 3/4 cat seniors. Riders must be track accredited.
Reminder: Youth category riders shall be restricted to maximum gears as shown in this document.
Riders are not permitted to utilise the gearing applicable to an older category.
Hon Secretary and Organiser:
Neil Orrell, 44 Owler Lane, Chadderton, OLDHAM, OL9 9PA
Tel & Fax: 0161 684 8854 Mobile: 07970166439

Who for?
This is an enjoyable nights racing and is aimed at those listed above. Seniors, including vets are split into groups and you will generally ride against people of similar ability. You will get a minimum of 4 races per evening. The original concept of the A.C.T. Track League was to be "Free and Easy" with entries on the line, however due to the increasing number of entries and the limit of number of riders allowed on the track at any one time it is has become necessary to have entries in advance. As from now we are not allowing entries on the line, so riders must enter one week in advance. NO ENTRIES ON THE LINE.